5 Easy Ways to Save Calories

Starting the journey to better health can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are five easy changes to get you started!

1) Reduced fat cheez-its instead of regular: Cheez-its are life. For real. Life. This was the first change that I made when I started losing weight. Pretty soon I started slaying WW and switched from reduced fat cheez-its to air popped popcorn. Hold your applause, it was only so I could eat more. Speaking of eating more…

2) Add more veggies: Ok. I know what you’re thinking. More veggies is not easy! Just hear me out…So say you are eating a Sandwich (on sugar free bread 😘) and some reduced fat cheez-its. Ok. Great. Now ➑️ADD⬅️a side of veggies that you enjoy. I don’t REPLACE my meal with veggies. Instead I reduce down the “bad” things and ADD more veggies. I like to eat a lot. I like to feel full. This is how I accomplish that and still zip my skinny jeans.

3) Stop eating free food JUST because it’s free: This is something that not everyone struggles with, but for some reason in the  presence of free food, I go into an unexplainable frenzy. Continental breakfast? Dont mind if I do. I can’t always eat three stale donuts but when in Rome…or the Hampton Inn off 85…

4)Stop eating Birthday Cake: Especially basic sheet cake. What is it about BSC?!?  I literally have to talk myself down. “Do not put that BSC in your mouth. Don’t do it. Some little snotty kid spit all over those candles! Don’t do it girl. I believe in you. You can say n….oh. It’s ok girl, you’ll get em next time. You had a flu shot.” Sigh. So, I made a rule with myself. I only eat cake at immediate family members’ birthdays!! I also always buy cupcakes, and separate the special candle cupcake for the birthday boy 😜

5) Stop grazing your kids sloppy seconds!! Kiddie leftovers…y’all, it’s the same as the snotty cake. I’m like a moth to a flame when it comes to my kids’ cold ketchup crusted nuggets.  It is almost too much for me sometimes, but I try to remember that NOBODY wants to eat slobbery chicken nuggets! Not even the kid that just half chewed it. Throw that shit away! Throw it away gurl. Do it. AND I see you eating that goldfish cracker out of the carseat. Don’t lie. Throw it away!

In all seriousness, I was eating TONS of extra calories without even realizing it!!

11 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Save Calories

  1. I should have read this last night…I had birthday cake! But, it wasn’t your BSC. It was Spice Cake! And I split a slice with my aunt. So it was small. And I didn’t take any home!


  2. 4 is life!! I could eat cake all day everyday. The invention of the individual slice of cake at the grocery store was simultaneously the best and worst day of my life. I also had to limit my cake eating .
    Love your posts !!

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