National Quitters Day

It’s almost February, and MOST people have given up on their New Year’s resolutions by now. In fact “National Quitters Day”, the most popular day to quit a new year’s resolution, was on Jan 12th. (Source: The Internet. #facts) I created this quick pop quiz to see how ready we are to keep slaying 2019!

POP Quiz: Read each question and answer choice carefully and choose the ONE best answer.

1) Suzy goes to a Mexican Restaurant for lunch, but she is PREPARED! She has a plan to eat some healthy fish tacos with the sauce on the side. Way to go Suzy! Unfortunately “snackcidents” happen, and instead of fish tacos Suzy ate a basket of chips and salsa, 2 cheese enchiladas, a taco, and a Grande Margarita. Suzy should…

A) Give up on trying to make healthy choices, and eat fast food for the next 3 meals

B) Go get some ice cream, and a gossip magazine so she will have something to do as she cries about never being skinny

C) Make mental note that Mexican restaurants may not be her strong suit, and get right back on plan with her next meal

2) Barb is helping her kiddo with his homework. Unfortunately, Barbs kiddo reads slower than a slug runnin through mud. This makes Barb anxious and snacky. Barb should…

A) Grab a bag of double stuffed Oreos, and methodically shove them in her mouth as she sounds out “the” for the fifth time

B) Let the kiddo play with his tablet until she is busy cooking dinner, and then insist he read to his Dad

C) Snack on a bowl of frozen fruit while her kiddo reads because frozen fruit takes longer to eat, and Barb has goals.

***Note: There could be arguments for two possible correct answers here***

3) Dan and Steph find themselves up a few-ish pounds since their love story started. So they decide to get healthy together! Dan cuts out one teaspoon of sugar from his morning coffee, and begins losing weight at warp speed. Steph eats salad two meals a day for a month, and loses two pounds, but then gains back three because she smelled a donut. Steph is understandably a tiny bit frustrated. Steph should…

A) Switch out Dan’s stevia with real sugar until she can catch up

B) Give up on her diet and Dan. They can both kick rocks for all she cares.

C) Re-evaluate her weight loss plan, and try to find something that works for her body and her metabolism

Dan should…

A) Constantly bring up how he can’t believe all he had to do to lose weight was cut out a tiny little teaspoon of sugar

B) Explain to Steph OVER and OVER about the sugar and the coffee

C) Stick to the weight loss plan that is working for him, and encourage Steph by joining her new campaign against the evils of donut sniffing

4) Bill is at the gym getting his workout on, and feeling pretty good! Then he sees that guy Dan that dropped so much weight on the “No sugar/Coffee” diet. Bill knows he could never live without sugar in his coffee. He suddenly feels defeated because Dan’s success seems far greater than his own. Bill should…

A) Leave the gym and eat tacos because he will never be as good as Dan

B) Spread a nasty rumor around the gym that Dan doesn’t wipe down the machines after he uses them

C) Stick to his plan and stay focused on his goals because Dan’s success or failure has zero impact on his own

5) Jill has a work party, a baby shower, two kids soccer games, and book (wine) club this week. She feels overwhelmed about life and sticking to her plan. Jill should

A) Eat as many cocktail weenies, cheese balls, and cake pops as she can this week, and start her “diet” next week

B) Eat celery sticks for days and save all her calories for wine at book club…then drink all the wine, come home tipsy, and eat all the teddy grahams and leftover fried rice

C) Take it one day at a time, eat healthy at the meals that she can control, and make a game plan for each special occasion

Answer key: C, C, C, C, C, C

***I will accept B for number two. Pushing kids off on your partner in order to avoid anxiety snacking is fully supported by Balancing Bananas Management***

How did you do?? I bet you did awesome!! I bet you got every single one right!! You are READY!! You are NOT celebrating “National Quitters Day” this year. No, YOU are a life slayer that will make it until February…maybe even beyond February!!!!!!!! Say whaaaat??? #killinit Keep going, ya’ll!!!!!!!!

“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.”

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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