Just a Girl and her Washing Machine

Much to my shock and dismay, losing weight did not magically fix all of my problems. I know, right? Who knew skinny people had problems!?!?!? I feel a little cheated. Sigh…but anyway one thing that I am really working on right now is ‘letting go’ because I tend to get worked up about things that I can’t control. (I also get worked up about things that I can control, but that’s another day.) To help with this I try not to focus on the negative, and actively try to find a positive in every situation. It sounds simple enough, buuuut we all know it’s not. I recently had some problems with my washing machine, and it challenged me to ‘let go’. So I thought I would share.

I have three little boys ages 3, 5, and 7, my husband works in a restaurant, and my exercise of choice is hot yoga….I do A LOT of laundry. A LOT. I enjoy laundry, though. It is so satisfying to get stains out of the boys clothes that were never meant to come out. “You haven’t worn pants for weeks then you roll in red mud, and ruin these!?!?! NOT TODAY SON!!! Give them to me!” That being said, I am VERY particular about my washing machine. My washer is old, and tough, and I LOVE IT with all of my heart! No one touches it except me. It’s mine. All mine to make clothes cleaning magic with. Well, the other day it started sounding funny, and when I opened it, I could tell the agitator wasn’t moving. My heart sank. I need this washer. THIS washer. Not ANY OTHER washer! I don’t want an expensive new one that doesn’t have an agitator. I can’t live like that. NO. THIS washer needs to work!!! So, I called “my guy” (He doesn’t know he’s my guy, but he is). When he gets here, he asks me

-“What’s wrong with it?” , and I tell him

“It’s the agitator. It’s not whooshing.”

– Yes ma’am…So, how did you come to that conclusion?

“Because it’s not making the whooshing sound. Then I opened it and it’s not moving. It’s the agitator. I know it. It’s not whooshing; it’s whiring, and not moving.”

-Yes ma’am.

“I HAVE to have an agitator. I really need you to fix it because I don’t want one of those new machines that doesn’t have an agitator.”

-Yes ma’am

“It’s over here, in the kitchen….I have three kids, you know. BOYS. ALL BOYS! I need this washer to work.”

-Yes ma’am

“My husband works in a restaurant, too. That agitator is key!”

-Yes ma’am…oh? Have I been here before? You have my sticker on the washer.

“Yeah…**nervous laughter** it was a while ago. No big deal. You didn’t charge me. Just a little mistake…”


“It was silly. I can’t really remember. Something like it wasn’t plugged in, or something, you know…something silly like that. Probably not that, but you know LIKE that. No big deal. ANYWHO, I know its plugged in now. Not that it wasn’t before. Coulda been, I don’t remember. Whatever. Silly, but THIS TIME it’s the agitator. It’s not whooshing! I need it to woosh because I have kids, and I do A LOT of laundry.”

-Yes ma’am, I’ll take a look at it. When did you get this washer? It seems like an older model.

“Oh? I have only had it three years….BUT it came with the house. I negotiated it in the closing. I didn’t have a washer because we moved from Hawaii, and I liked this one because it has an agitator, not like those new ones.”

-Yes ma’am. Now I remember you. You came from Hawaii. Sure, that’s right. With the kids. Yup, I’ll take a look.

<After about 20 mins he comes into the living room holding something>

-Ms. Jennifer?….You see this rusty screw?


-Well it’s broken…

“Oh ok, yeah I see that.”

-It is corroded and it broke off. Sometimes that happens.

“Oh, so I just need a new screw?”

-Well…No ma’am…it’s the transmission. I tightened it as best I could, but sometimes we just can’t fix them.


-Yes ma’am….

“But it’s only been three years.”

-Umm, no ma’am… It had a long life.

“But what am I supposed to do? …What about the kids??? Are you sure? I can’t get a new one. They are expensive, and they don’t have agitators!!!”

-Yes ma’am. I hate when I have to give bad news like this.

“I just don’t even know what to do. I mean, I have kids! BOY KIDS!!”

-Well, you know, I have brother… he has two boys and they play baseball. When their machine broke I had to tell them <looks me dead in the eye> ‘You can not fix this. I CAN NOT fix this.’…and that was my brother! I would have fixed it, but I can’t … and I can’t fix this one. Do you have a tablet?


-I’m going to show you the one I suggested for him…because this one…well it’s not coming back. It’s never going to ‘whoosh’

*pulls up washer online*

-This one. This one is the one you need. Click on the second picture.


-You see that? That is an agitator. Do you see it?

“Yes. I see it.”

-This is the one I showed my brother…it’s the one you need.


-No ma’am. It can’t be fixed. They are going to haul it off for you. They will bring the new one and haul off the old one…it’s going to be ok. See that agitator?


-It’s a good machine. It’s the one I showed my brother. It’s what you need.

“Ok, I guess I will have to think about it”

After that I was left standing in my kitchen with my broken washer, “It’s not coming back…it’s never going to whoosh”, ringing in my ears…I knew I had to pull myself together, and make some tough choices. I could spend DAYS agonizing over, and comparing different models and prices! Because the only thing I love more than making really dirty laundry clean again, is a finding a good deal!! But I didn’t have days, what I had was a pile of dirty laundry getting bigger by the minute. So, I decided to just let it go, and order the washing machine that my guy suggested. If I was going to take a advice from anyone, it would be him!! He’s my guy! Plus it was already pulled up on my tablet for me! Easy. Out with the old, in with the new. I had to embrace it, and get excited about it. If this is the machine that my guy’s brother uses, then this is the machine for me! There was no reason to waste anymore energy on it! BUT HERE’S THE BEST PART!! Not twenty minutes after I ordered my new washer, I got this e-mail telling me that my kids are going to pay for it! Aren’t they the sweetest?!?!?!?

Thank you for the new washing machine boys! Mommy loves you, and your stinky clothes!

Update: My washing machine works like a brand new 2019 DREAM! The agitator whooshes perfectly, AND it fills with enough water! The only problem is that it has one of those locking lids so I can’t open it and look at the progress of my clothes as much as I would like, but I am working on letting that habit go, too. C’est la vie. I am just grateful to have it. It’s PERFECT!!

16 thoughts on “Just a Girl and her Washing Machine

  1. Love it!!!!! Congratulations on your new machine!!!! It is a PANIC when the washer doesn’t work. Ditto for the dishwasher and for when the water has to be shut off!


  2. Oh how I can relate!! Total control freak here. I know it and I own it. Working on it though. Good for you for rolling with the punches. And glad you like your new washing machine. 🙂


  3. I don’t like the new fancy smancy washers, either. Right after we bought our house and did some laundry, we noticed the washer was leaking. A lot. Something with the transmission and blah blah. Had to get a new washer. But I didn’t get a fancy smancy one. I got one with an agitator, too!



    Girl, let alllllll that $#%! GO! One moment at a time!!! Life should be called a practice just like yoga. No end point of perfection. Except for washing machines with whooshing agitators (which I also personally prefer). Those are dang near perfect. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi! I found you on connect but totally love your blog! You have totally made my day and given me much needed laughter! You have also inspired me to keep going although the going is slow. I’m 13 pounds down since the Nov 26 2018, but have lost lots of inches. I’ve been a little frustrated about weight loss but your posts reassured me that I’ll get there. I read all your blog posts today! Thank you so much!


  6. Is it a speed queen? We bought a speed queen as I absolutely had to have an agitator. Our front loader never got the job done, IMO. I love my washer too!

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